Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Today I am sick. I don't think it's a flu - could be food poisoning - but I have been wracked and nauseated and dizzy.

In any case, today was a day of administrivia. I picked up my editing copy (first go-through) for Journal of the Dead - which, regardless of how good a novel it is, is definitely my best title ever. My plan:

Read through the manuscript once to a) gather data - make sure I have hair color, eye color, vital stats, positioning of towns, etc, recorded and correct; and b) write a scene-by-scene list with the plot / char-development / subplot / other purpose each serves.

Review these to see if anything needs to be cut or majorly restructured

Read through the manuscript a second time to mark where I want changes.

Use the editing copy to rewrite the manuscript in a clean blank document.

Possibly! print the manuscript again to do one more hard-core editing pass. It depends on how I feel at this point.

Either way, a couple copy-edit passes on the computer copy and then I'll start working on synopses and a query letter.

Projected completion time? Erm ... May - June?

On a smaller note, sent a number of, "I haven't heard from you, did I miss a reply?" notes to markets. Everything is running slow as molasses.

Almost done with my notes for Scylla and Charybdis. Again, I had some surprises with numbers and results when I sat down and thought things through in detail - part of the reason I'm glad I did this.

Finally, added, "Children of the Revolution" by Kirsty MacColl to my soundtrack. I'm ninety percent the song is actually about the Vietnam War, but it very much fits the tone.

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