Friday, January 09, 2009


For the sheer, odd fun of it, I decided to put together a loose soundtrack for my novel project. Now, my choice of words notwithstanding, there's no arc between songs - I just put them in an order that was varied and enjoyable to listen to. Each individual song was chosen for reasons ranging from the deep to the bratty. So I have:

1. Us Amazonians - Kirsty MacColl
Reason: I've been referring to my station residents as "Amazons" for a while now (and they all have names from that mythology) - but more than that, this is a bright, upbeat, affirming song.

2. Walk This World - Heather Nova
Reason: The invitation to exploration, the "broken" vibe the entire song gives off - it feels right with what I'm doing. This would fall into my male lead's POV, strictly speaking.

3. Suddenly - LeAnn Rimes
Reason: A song about abruptly (... suddenly ...) being out there in the unknown with everything that supported you left behind - yeah, going there, doing that.

4. Defying Gravity - Wicked soundtrack (Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth singing)
Reason: I already rhapsodized about this. Powerful song about not being held down, particularly by authority ... which is really what Anaea ends up doing. Also, gorgeous, powerful - and I could even cast her friend Orithia as 'Glinda' here, though their relationship never becomes adversarial. Definitely the, "I can't go where you're going" vibe fits.

5. Drops of Jupiter - Train
Reason: I confess I have very few songs by male artists in my collection. In looking for something specifically for Gwydion, this seemed appropriate - and seems much like the way he'd end up viewing Anaea.

6. There Is Nothing Like A Dame - South Pacific soundtrack
Reason: Because I am a smart aleck. (And for the record, it's not "you know darn well." I'm amused that someone bowdlerized the lyrics.)

7. I Do - Lisa Loeb
Reason: Another song on the subject of defiance and asking questions. This is supposed to be an anti-love song, but it works just as well directed at the leaders of the station.

8. Breathe - Midge Ure
Reason: One of those endangered species, a male artist song. Again, though, I think it fits Gwydion very well. In particular, I'm fairly sure this is meant to be a religious metaphor, which fits in the context that I've made him at least slightly devout. (Is that an oxymoron?)

9. Turn This World Around - Amy Grant
Reason: A "some day" hope to change a fractured and isolated world - check.

10. I Enjoy Being A Girl - Flower Drum Song soundtrack
Reasons: Because I am also a twerp. (Sidebar: this is a song you could not release nowadays. Feminists would have screaming fits. But so much fun.)

11. The Safest Place - LeAnn Rimes
Reason: The sensation of real strength and support; the desire (again) to change the world ... I have not really decided whether I am going for the "sweeping plot" yet, but I see Anaea as an idealist.

12. It's Raining Men - Geri Halliwell
Reason: Because, thirdly, I am a brat.

13. Free - Sarah Brightman
Reason: To represent Anaea and Orithia - who were lovers a number of years before the story starts, but became good friends after breaking up. (According to the Harem liner notes, the line is "when the bars of freedom fall" not "when the birds are free to fall." Couldn't find a version printed right on the web.)

14. Poor Little Fool - Helen Reddy
Lyrics: Not available. Bah!
Reason: This one fits into the general theme of escape and breaking rules ... and I admit I just love it. If anyone does find these lyrics, I'd be grateful.

15. Always Tomorrow - Gloria Estefan

Reason: This sense of isolation, of having lived in hibernation, is very much the point where I wanted to start Anaea from. But - as said - there's always tomorrow ...

16. In The Arms of The Milky Way - Laura Powers
Lyrics: Not available.
Reasons: Apart from being a "space song" this has just about nothing to do with my project or its themes, but it is bright, joyous and a satisfying finish.

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