Sunday, January 04, 2009

Boot Camp

As I do periodically, I've decided to take on another boot camp session: daily exercises on a specific and externally-imposed topic. (The general arc is something I design, obviously, but each individual exercise is "out of my hands.") Before, I went through "The 3am Epiphany" (Brian Kiteley); then I did a script-writing boot-camp using randomly-generated elements from a friend's "hat"; then I took on the exercises in "Creating Character Emotions" (Ann Hood).

This time, it's a description workshop. Every day, I'm going to look at the word of the day at and try to write two descriptions using that word: a character and a place. Because I need a stopping point or I'd be doing it forever / until I broke something, I'm going to arbitrarily say my birthday (March 1st).

Word today is zealous ...

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