Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boot Camp Week 2

Words: Hapless, iconoclast, jettison, kinetic, laissez-faire, magnanimous, narcolepsy

I continue to be a little underwhelmed by the choices for word of the day. Some of these are also words I would never use, not because there's nothing wrong with them, but "laissez-faire" doesn't fit well in a secondary world fantasy, and narcolepsy is not something with which I concern myself. Ahem.

Again, the best descriptions - in general, not necessarily from the use of the word:

She had a look as if someone had dripped her from a cave ceiling: a pale white stalagmite, slender but bottom-heavy. Her flyaway russet hair was cut just below the nape of her neck, one hapless lock curling down the center of her brow. Her eyes were set just a little too wide and a little too large, giving their blue a waifish and vaguely alien look.

A narrow path – a dirt track at best, a blotch of mud at worst – trailed up the side of the mountain, weaving close to the sheer sides. Piles of scree clumped at every odd bend reminded the travel that the mountain was prepared to jettison its load of rocks at any moment. It was a dark stone, flecked with obsidian, dampened by a perpetual drizzle, and no trees relieved the ascent. The greatest splotch of color was from the pale grey moss which climbed the walls, crawling into fissures.

I seem to best at descriptions that are vaguely depressing and sort of falling apart at the seams. Hrm.

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