Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boot Camp: Week 3

Words: Obscure, pandiculation, qualitative, rancor, sallow, talisman, unconscionable.

Some better words this week, though I am beginning to feel a bit repetitive. I decided that I'm reaching the functional limit of this exercise - so one more week, and then back to square one with another session.

Best descs for this week:

He gave the impression of a shadow – dark, thin and vague, his movements an anxious flit. He dressed to match, undyed leather and a grey wool shirt beneath. His hair was unkempt, toussled; falling unevenly with more length to the left side. His eyes, however, were his talisman: vivid, brilliant amber – not brown, but a deep liquid color mixed with gold. A single blink of those eyes, showcased with thick, silky lashes, could command immediate attention.

Thick wild grasses swarmed over the few hillocks that interrupted the vast expanse of plain; their waving heads vanished on the horizon. Trampled trails, stripped of some green but rarely bared down to earth, showed evidence of the passage of horses. They glowed muddy gold in the early light as dawn rippled across the horizon, a languid expansion of color like a sleeper’s pandiculation. The plains seemed to drop out of sight into the embrace of the sunrise, flowing over the edge of the world.

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