Monday, January 26, 2009

Pieces of Taboo

There are two topics in romantic fiction that I prefer not to tackle - one because I have difficulty portraying it with sympathy, and the other because I don't think it's possible. I've been pondering, when next the opportunity comes up, trying to write a story using one or both in an attempt to put myself in a point of view I don't agree with. Seems like something a writer should try every now and again.

The first is cheating on an SO. To me, this is almost unforgiveable. It is not a tactic I'd normally use in a story. I have trouble understanding how people get there.

The second is being romantically in love with more than one person, equally, at the same time. (Wow, lots of clauses there? But I'm not sure how better to phrase it.) Personally, I am not sure this is something that can actually happen. On some level, I think there must be an inequality, and to force two people to put up with one's dithering ... yeah. Not getting there.

On both counts, I freely admit that this is just my opinion, and a biased one, at that. But - steps outside one's box, always worthwhile.

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