Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laptop Woes

My laptop has - twice now - abruptly turned off and refused to reboot. This usually happens after I've had it on for a number of hours, so I'm working on the theory the fan might have died. Going to see if it does it again, and then possibly take it to a repair place ... I really hope it's not very expensive to fix if so. I also keep procrastinating on getting the CD burner on my desktop fixed because the last time I had my desktop repaired, the Gateway people held it hostage for two months ...

Random work update --

Journal of the Dead - just a tiny bit shy of 72,000 words. Protag and her bodyguard are about to have a blow-up over his romantic interest in her.
Miss Understanding - full manuscript under review. Keep your fingers crossed.
A Dose of Aconite (short) - Challenge story for Fantasy-Writers.org. June is "Write a story from a/the villain's perspective." So my villain has just knocked out my heroine ...
Flow - about to post my synopsis on a private writers' group. I think.

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