Sunday, June 15, 2008

48 Hour Film Project: 46hrs to Zero Hour

So the mysterious secret of the editors' demesne twas revealed, and after getting myself thoroughly lost off the exit (go me!) I finally trolled in about 5:30. An hour and a half until submissions opened, two hours until the final bell. With sixteen minutes needed to make two tapes, the crew was busily working on the audio. It was crazy, watching the last minute blitz. Amy was in nail-biting mode, but too tired to actually do any chewing.

At first, we're talking about leaving to be there by 7pm. Then leaving by 7. And then, as a few of the boys head off to scout the way ...

Kachunk. Disk failure. Reboot. Reboot again.

We need sixteen minutes. It's past 7. ... and it's not going to happen.

A disheartened crew is ready to push through even despite, but the energy is gone. Then a cameraman has the idea to copy the second tape on the way over. "But we don't have this cable!" "I do!" "... my battery is dead." Eventually sorting out the mishmash, we race to the car, waiting and ready to drive. (I am not driving. Are you crazy?)

A lone figure surges out of the apartment. "I checked the rules! We only need one tape!" And whoosh, we're off, pedal to the floor, clocking like crazy for downtown, and very tempted to run some red lights downtown. We pull up by Fountain Square - out jumps Jim with the tape - and a crazy swing down into the parking lot to park. I really wish I'd known I was going to be running: I literally ended up out of one of my sandals as we hurried to join him. (Only he needed to be there, but - still! Fervor!)

We made it, less than two minutes to spare. Off to celebrate, swap shoot stories, snack on appetizers and (quite a bit) stare into space. What a ride.

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