Saturday, June 14, 2008

48 Hour Film Project: 5 hrs to 8 hrs

Location scouting! I have no business being part of this, but it involves being on the streets of Cincinnati at 12:45 in the morning, so hey. Eerie cloud passage overhead. It's amazing how alive the streets are, and then they clear out, and in that possessive stillness I'm reminded of a favorite poem about a very different place -

And suddenly, a silence ...
Takes your breath away

There's something very magical about this illusion of emptiness in a city.

Not quite so magical: random drunk man trying to high-five everyone.

Quinn compares parts of the script to Douglas Adams. Terry looks blank. Scott and I are shocked. You poor deprived woman! Or maybe I should say, "Our jaws hung open exactly the way bricks don't."

There are bits I'm not fond of - I've got a limited tolerance for crude humor. (Yeah, call me a snob.) But it should hang together well.

The kayak arrives!

Peanut butter brownie cookies I bought on a whim are a hit. Seriously, I just stared at all the cookie varieties until I saw two that I particularly wanted to have. There was very little public appeal thought to it, but for some reason it seems like everyone else was in the same cookie mood.

I could have left at this point - and I know there will probably be creative disputes after I did leave - but I was curious to catch the beginning of the filming. It's a slow process of hurry up and wait, but passerby seemed to be both courteous and very interested.

Could have stayed over and slept there - I did bring my sleeping bag - but I put my back out a week ago, and that struck me as really dumb. So stayed until I could feel I was edging on too much pain and too much sleepiness to drive safely, then took off for home. Will call when I wake up to see where everyone is ...

Cannot go to bed without shower. Spent way too much time petting dog and way too much time around smokers. Will wake up as one ball of unremitting allergy otherwise.

What a crazy, surreal, eclectic experience. This is a whole new form of collaboration for me. Still processing. More as the film continues ...

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