Friday, June 06, 2008

48 Hour Film Project

So I decided to step out of my comfort zone - way, way out of my comfort zone - and attempt this:

Essentially, teams in every host city get a randomly selected genre, character, line of dialogue, and I think maybe a prop. They then have 48 hours - from 7pm Friday evening to 7pm Sunday evening - to script, cast, shoot and edit a 4 -7 minute film. I've only dabbled in screenwriting, but obviously I'm intending on pretty much helping with the creation aspect and then stepping back ... though if there's a need for a crowd scene, I'll be happy to be involved.

My friend Amy (the flutist) and her husband are in charge of this group - Eikonoclast Films, responsible for the winning entry in Cincinnati last year, "ATM: A Time Machine." We were talking about it while I was in Connecticut last year for my cousin's wedding ... really wish I could have been there for the scifi entry.

I know a bit more about how it works now and I'm pretty excited. My main fear is that I'm going to sit there dumbly, because my track record with collaboration is spotty, but it's too fun not to try.

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