Saturday, June 14, 2008

48 Hour Film Project: 17hrs to 25hrs

Ah, the dreaded phonecall:

"It doesn't read like a road movie."

Unfortunately, with about ten minutes until I left, the mail came in, and it included a rejection on an agent query. So I felt this irrational compulsion to get it back into the "mail" (email in this case) immediately ... complicated by the fact I'd decided to multi-query. I finally told myself I was being silly, as long as I had the destinations chosen, there was no way a couple hrs in sending was going to matter ... but still, getting myself out the door with the queries unsent was unnervingly hard.

Managed to get a parking space out front, then realized I had only one quarter. One of the apartment owners was outside with Randall (puppy!). I rushed up to ask if I could trade for some change. He asked if I'd checked around the corner for alley parking. I turned, in sort of a rush because I was fifteen minutes late (1pm was the requested meet-time) and ... smack. OWW. I crashed thigh-first into a flower-pot. The fact that it leapt out of nowhere and viciously attacked me became a running joke for the rest of the day.

But I have a war-wound! (Actually two of them - cut my finger later trying to pull the dog back on one of those darned auto-retractable-extendable-whatever leashes.)

We decided to extend the travel sequences and add some monologues, including one about kayak being a palindrome ... why isn't palindrome a palindrome? Anyhow. Also some other conceptual neatos, followed by the slow trickle in of necessary personnel before ... uh ... turns out the crew that wanted to start filming as soon as the new draft was approved couldn't go anywhere because they had the kayak, but no way to secure it.

Eventually, everyone got out the door. Amy and I ended up doing some clerical work and coming up with a possible form for the credits. Since she was the only other one there, I hung around for a bit before clocking home ... mainly because we weren't conversing, I was monologuing and I was turning increasingly more idiotic.

There was a lot of hurry up and wait today, but we got some good, strong work done, and I'm feeling better about my contribution to the collaboration. Tomorrow -- editing, and that's mostly an observer post again.

Halfway there!

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