Saturday, June 14, 2008

48 Hour Film Project: 9hrs to 16hrs


Woke up this morning and sent probably the second text message of my life to Amy to find out if they'd slept yet. Turns out they want to meet at 3pm to do some editing, so unless it becomes earlier, I'll be shipping out in a bit to play observer. I'd also think the editing process should have some creative elements ... not that I'm necessarily providing them, but I can pretend. ;-)

At this point, I want to step aside and discuss a basic problem with fiction: Inspired By True Events.

Truth is stranger than fiction. "Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities - truth isn't." (Mark Twain) It all boils down to this: we tolerate coincidence in the real world, but we don't tolerate it in a story, except as maybe a catalyst. ("Oh, look, a kayak!" That's fine.) For real events to work as a translation, they have to have an underlying causual integrity. And sometimes, the way things actually happened don't necessarily make for a better story.

So there's a push-me-pull-you between, "But that's how it happened!" and the evolution of script and story. It's not all one way, either - we want to keep the core, because there is something really fresh about the fact that this actually happened. But it has definitely been a confounding factor.

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