Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You For The Days

This collection of songs differs from my previous "Day by Day" in that it's less about seasons and time as specific references to days (and nights). The title refers to a line from the final song on here, going thusly: "Thank you for the days: those endless days, those sacred days you gave me ..."

1. A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion
2. Titanic Days - Kirsty MacColl
3. I See Hope - Midge Ure
4. Always Tomorrow - Gloria Estefan
5. This Night - Dian Diaz
6. It's A Beautiful Day - Sarah Brightman
7. Tell Me On A Sunday - Andrew Lloyd Weber soundtrack; Sharon Campbell
8. One Night Only - Dreamgirls soundtrack
9. Everyday - Anne Murray
10. Yesterday - Sarah Brightman
11. Mysterious Days - Sarah Brightman (another case of bad mixing - but again, the songs are wildly different)
12. One Of These Days - Michell Branch
13. Lazy Days - Enya
14. Poor Little Fool - Helen Reddy
15. Ten Days - Celine Dion
16. Last Day Of Summer - Kirsty MacColl
17. 8th World Wonder - Kimberley Locke
18. Save The Day - Thalia
19. Days - Kirsty MacColl

... aaaaand there it is. My token repeated song is "Tell Me On A Sunday." Whoops. Oddly, it always seem to be in the latter half of the CDs, even though I don't MAKE them in alphabetical order. So it's not fatigue ...

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