Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shiny Stones

Like a raven, I pluck shiny stones ...

So my villanelle - actually, literally the first I wrote that rhymed - by the title of Shiny Stones is now official in Aoife's Kiss March 2009. I'm stoked to see it in print: the magazine is beautiful, very classy-looking. Haven't had a chance to read anything else in it yet.

A bit about the poem - I wrote the opening three lines (if two lines is a couplet, and four lines is a quatrain, what is three? A triolet? I must look that up) and then realized I had picked a really difficult rhyme scheme: owns / stones versus trove. Finding words that wove into the "storyline" made this a very interesting poem to write. The through-line is about a thief who steals from the nobility and what she / he does with the ill-gotten gains.

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