Sunday, April 12, 2009

Color Everywhere

Advantage to a long drive to a gig: I've moved on the next collection. I've been trying to do a color collection for ages and never had quite enough songs. I finally crossed it - and the title here is the name of the first song. Where the color isn't obvious from the title, I've inserted it.

Disclaimer about any of these sets: a few of them, I had to cut a song to get it on a single CD and I can't recall which / which song. So figure any list is about ninety-five percent accurate. ;-)

1. Color Everywhere - Dian Diaz
2. Big Yellow Taxi - Amy Grant
3. Greensleeves - Blackmore's Night
4. Blue Black - Heather Nova
5. Out of the Blue - Debbie Gibson
6. Pot of Gold - Dian Diaz
7. White Flag - Dido
8. Carribean Blue - Enya
9. Wrapped - Gloria Estefan (blue)
10. A Boat Like Gideon Brown - Great Big Sea
11. A Question of Honor - Sarah Brightman (black and white)
12. Golden Heart - Kirsty MacColl
13. Who Painted The Moon Black - Hayley Westenra
14. Writing on the Wall - Blackmore's Night (black / rainbow and the phrase "when will your true colors show")
15. Orange Express - Gloria Estefan
16. Blue - Helen Reddy
17. Wearing White - Martina McBride
18. Blue Caravan - Vienna Teng
19. Runaway - Sahlene ("which colors to wear to laugh or cry" - red)
20. A Whiter Shade of Pale - Sarah Brightman
21. One Short Day - Wicked soundtrack (green. LOTS of green.)

I'm surprised how many blue songs I seem to have. Hrm.

I've got to comment briefly on Blackmore's Night rendition of Greensleeves. Now, much as I love it personally, Greensleeves has got to be the ultimate Elizabethan cliche. So really, if you play that genre of music, it's reached the point where you might as well just say, "Pretend we played Greensleeves," and get on with it. However, if you absolutely must do Greensleeves, this is an excellent way to record it. There's a lively beat sequence and an ooh chorus that (for me) evokes some very vivid imagery.

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