Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

FInally settling back into something like a routine. Finished the short story I mentioned last week, made good progress on Scylla and Charybdis ... and am now going to have to wrassle with it again because I'm at a section where I know exactly what I want to happen and not how to write it. Hmph.

The Journal "read out loud" edit continues. I'm having a bit of trouble focusing on it; I keep having to remind myself to slow down. Taking it steady should help.

Sort of been having a crappy little while with submissions. (I did have one very nice thing crop up, but as it will likely get rejected on the last step, I'm not going to say anything to jinx it.) However, I do have things on the shortlist for Marginal Boundaries, New Myths and Andromeda Spaceways ...

... and noticed that ASIM updated their "third round" acceptance odds from their original (blatantly wrong ;-)) 1 in 4 to a 1 in 20. This makes me feel better, as I've had more than four things shortlisted (then rejected) and by the original odds, the law of averages shoulda caught up with me ...

Am going crazy waiting for a few of my publications to come out, esp. the spring issue of GUD. It's spring! Where is it! *grin*

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Aubrie said...

Submissions and acceptance have been slow for me right now as well. Good luck with yours and let us know on the blog whenever one comes out!