Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I have upgraded to Word 2007, and as default configuration, it has a running word count tally at the bottom of the screen. This is simultaneously the most awful and awesome thing ever. On the one hand, I don't have to keep checking my word count. On the other hand, it's staring at me. All the time.

Some return to normalcy, though I feel I'm in something of a slump. Trying to set up Anaea's interactions with her captors so that when one of them helps her out, it feels earned and part of her proactiveness. In Journal, read through my two favorite introduction scenes: Parashi's backstory, which introduces the reader to Razentis, and the tea at the Lan-Ritu estate, which brings Atsihl Lan-Ritu on stage. Two people who don't take themselves seriously in the midst of a calculating, backstabbing political society ... a breath of fresh air.

Still working away on finishing my free writes. I am completing a story from early October of last year. Sigh. But it's an enjoyable story, based off a topic of, "I couldn't think of a thing." It's another story with a character trying to find their inner core - seems to be a topic I keep returning to.


Aubrie said...

You don't have to keep checking your word count! Awesome. I check mine all the time and it wastes my time!

Good luck with your writing :)

Lindsey Duncan said...

I mostly flail because then it will be staring at me when I am trying frantically to keep my short stories *short* ... ;-)

Angie said...

I think I would both love and hate that word count feature too. Good luck with all your projects!