Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boot Camp: Two For The Price of ...

I didn't post last week because it was Mother's Day, so here are the best two over the past two weeks:

ARCHETYPE: The Overcontrolling Mother (Villain, Female)
PLOT POINT: (X)'s disinherited son/daughter, (Y), tries to borrow money from (Z) on the condition that (X) approve the loan.
ELEMENTS: Lost, Prison

ARCHETYPE: The Seducer (Villain, Male)
PLOT POINT: Computer programmer (X) tests his/her new software
ELEMENTS: Beggar, Far Away

These were both combinations of elements that made me cross my eyes and go, "What?" before I came up with something.

I'm finding that the prevalence of romantic entries in the Plots Unlimited book has sort of glued my brain into romance mode. Even when I end up with combinations that don't require it, I often find myself working it in anyhow.

This is not normal for me. Maybe it's the spring. ;-)

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bettielee said...

Ah... spring.... :)