Friday, May 21, 2010

Boot Camp - Complete!

Finished my last day of boot camp yesterday and hadn't realized it - miscounted the archetypes.

I'm glad to be done; I was starting to get into a rut with it. Every plot was coming up romantically related, even the ones that weren't dictated that way by Plots Unlimited ... which by the way, has some dorky turns. One I didn't end up with, but noticed as I was browsing the book, goes something like, "(Character), blinded and deafened by a storm, is proposed to, and accepts, thinking it is (Romantic Interest). Later, she find out it is (Antagonist)."

Come on ... seriously?

Here's the best of the last four:

ARCHETYPE: The Maiden (Hero, Female)
PLOT POINT: (X) engages in a secret venture that endangers him/her. He/she asks for aid from a stranger, (Y), but (Y) warily refuses.
ELEMENTS: This Animal Can Talk, Contest


Aubrie said...

I love books where the animals can talk! And I love the Madien/Hero archtype. She's in every single one of my books...hmmm...maybe I should think about that some more...:)

Lindsey Duncan said...

The deity they use to represent the Maiden is Persephone. I tend to gravitate towards the Mystic - Hestia - myself.