Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Last week was very disheartening in terms of rejections and real life disruptions, including a nasty twist in my back. Upshot is, I've been very uninspired. I'm not the sort of person who waits around for the right mood to write, but when I am this out of sync, there's no fighting it.

So that means not much to report in terms of writing ... except that once again, my personal needle phobia rears its ugly head and I cannot force myself to describe someone being injected with something. This may be why
(subconsciously) I invented the various patches that are used throughout Scylla and Charybdis - anything to avoid having to mention needles. Au...uu...ugh. Y'all are laughing at me now, I'm sure.

Noticed another issue with SaC that I'm not sure is a flaw - a lot of Anaea's internal thoughts come in the form of a series of questions. I think it fits with her general nature and even the thrust of the book, but I wonder if it becomes excessive. Another question to examine in editing.

I am beginning to wonder if I am afraid to finish this book because the editing will be epic. ;-)


Christi Goddard said...

My writing bug has come and gone the last week or so. I think there's a vibe currently, and we're giving it to each other. Like a cyber muse sucking flu.

Lindsey Duncan said...

That sounds like some kind of esoteric horror novel concept. ;-)

Hope it gets better for you!

Aubrie said...

I had a few rejections myself, BCS included. Oh well. Maybe next time for both of us!