Monday, May 17, 2010

Boot Camp responses

Here are the log lines I came up with for the two projects done yesterday:

Kierry was disinherited by his mother - a member of the fanatical Borderwatch - when he was bitten by a werewolf … but now he needs money, and she needs assistance of the not-precisely legal stripe.

Destitute former dancer Sarah is swept off her feet by a computer programmer who believes he has discovered the software to unearth his perfect mate.

The former is set in the same contemporary world as Flow, which does have werewolves, though they're less common / featured. Most of that setting focuses on fairies (and halfbloods, fosterlings, changelings), water-witches and mediums / seers as the central supernatural elements. I have a cosmology built around water, into which the wuffs don't quite fit (yet), but they do exist.

The Borderwatch is my "anti" organization. They're not precisely villains - they just see no distinction between any fairy and evil ... whereas by contrast, the water-witches are probably a trifle too lenient. I'm still writing short stories in this setting as the mood strikes me, and I try to show both sides of the argument.


Aubrie said...

Those would both be great stories. But the computer programmer has to be good looking :)

Lindsey Duncan said...

I just realized that I also picked two prompts that returned contemporary stories, too.

As for that ... well, of course!