Friday, April 02, 2010


So a week or two ago, I went to adjust my publications list and noticed the month and date on the very first story of mine that appeared in print: April 2006 (The Dreamweaver's Dispute in Leading Edge). That means as of sometime this month - I can't remember exactly when the magazine came out - I have been publishing short stories for four years.

Some great landmarks have happened with that: my first book signing (with the Sails & Sorcery anthology), my first reading (from "Hour By Hour" out of the Abyss and Apex Best of), other firsts - first poem, first flash - and a sale to semi-pro GUD. I wanted to be further along the path to novel publication by now, but I can't argue that there have been some great moments.

And I've discovered that I genuinely enjoy writing short stories, flash and poetry. I've relaxed enough about market requirements to write a novella (or novelette, depending on where, exactly, you break the word count). I started writing short fiction to gain credits for novel pitches ... now I've come to love it in its own right. Not a bad result at all.


sarahjayne smythe said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary. :) You have some great accomplishments indeed.

Angie said...

That's a great anniversary. I love writing short stories too, but I'm trying a novel now. Almost done!

Aubrie said...

I've gone the ame path as you into short stories for credits and found that enjoy it sometimes even more than writing my novel! Congrats on your anniversary! You have accomplished a lot! What is GUD? Can you post a link to that story? I want to read it :)

Lindsey Duncan said...


I've been a novelist for years ... the short stories are a much newer thing for me (comparitively).

GUD is the Greatest Uncommon Denominator ( ... which, oh yeah, was also my first sale to a non-speculative-specific market. (The Every Day pieces were published earlier, but the GUD piece was sold first. ;-)) It's not up yet, though!