Thursday, April 15, 2010

World Fantasy Convention

Just a note to one and all: you have two months (as of today) to purchase a membership for the World Fantasy Convention 2010 at the regular rate of $125. The conference fee includes not only attendance, but (at least, I assume they're still doing it) a hefty package of free new books. In 2008, I got a hardbound copy of Dave Duncan's (no relation) Mother of Lies as part of mine.

This year's WFC is in Columbus, Ohio, focuses on the whimsical side of fantasy, and has for a Guest of Honor the inimitable goddess of funny short fiction, Esther Friesner. Having attended three previous WFCs, I can tell you that a) it's an awesome time, no matter who's there and b) if you intend to go, there's probably not a lot more space in the convention hotel.

To clarify: this is a writers' convention, not a fan convention.

Details here: World Fantasy Convention 36


Aubrie said...

Oh I'd love to go but it's far away from me. How far is it from you?

Lindsey Duncan said...

It's about an hour and a half - which means I can drive and don't have to fly, though far enough that I'm still staying at the hotel.

If there's ever one closeish to you, you should go. They're a lot of fun.