Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boot Camp Begun - Best of Week #1

So I ended up starting my boot camp a bit later than I intended - this past Monday. Having done a full week of exercises, I thought I would share the most entertaining combination of elements with folks, and that happens to be today's. I just had a sheer, "What?" reaction when I got the items together ...

Archetype: The Protector (Hero, Males) - brash, physical, defender. The book calls this the Ares archetype (which I don't really agree with, but that's neither here nor there).
Plot Point: Wealthy criminal (X) returns to his home turf and the pals of his younger hoodlum days.
Elements: Frog, old woman

So it's all looking pretty straightforward and then ... frog? I did get something down, though. What kind of plot does this suggest to anyone else?


Aubrie said...

Well, the frog, old woman one could be a frog turning into a prince and an old woman turning into a princess.

Or a witch using a frog for her potion!

Lindsey Duncan said...

Except the plot also has to encompass the first two points. Bwahahaha. *hides*

I just really like twisting my brain, I think is the lesson here.

Aubrie said...

Oh boy that's complicated. I'll need time to think on that one. Maybe the hero is the frog?