Monday, April 05, 2010

Double Shot of Helen Reddy

I've Googled this repeatedly, the lyrics don't seem to be up on the web, and the song is older than I am (ahem), so I feel justified posting them. Why, you ask? (Or not.) Because this song feels to me like a good description of the emotional throughline in Scylla and Charybdis - especially if you don't confine heartbreak to romance.

POOR LITTLE FOOL (as sung by Helen Reddy)

The many days you traveled
And the distant ways don't matter now,
'cause what can you do,
Poor little fool?

You laid your life wide open
And you let your heart get broken,
Never knew what you could do
Poor little fool

Go slowly through the night
You can't give up the fight tonight -

You poor little fool

From here to everywhere
Is scattered everything you ever had
And broke all the rules
Poor little fool

The passing of the days
Brought you so many different ways
To break away - why didn't you?
Poor little fool

Go slowly through the night
You can't give up fight tonight -

You poor little fool

Don't let tomorrow bring another day like yesterday,
Don't let them see me down this way.
If this is all that's meant to be,
Then I'll be on my way ...
(x2 and fade)


It's quite simple musically, but powerful and lovely (well, I think) - the lyrics are why I post, though.

And just for bonus points, the song I consider (one of) my theme song(s): Angie Baby

Livin' in a world of make-believe ... well, maybe.

And yes, I am conscious that is a very creepy song. ;-)

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Unknown said...

Ooh! I always loved Helen Reddy! Angie Baby fascinated me when I was a kid and it'd come on the radio. I love the idea of musical lyrics inspiring characters and their traits. I'll have to try this!