Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Firstly - this is a no-April-Fool's-joke zone. Sorry. ;-)

Now that I have that off my chest ... working busily to finish my new story for Sword & Sorceress. I've been slowed up by the fact that I'm also working on my novels (editing and writing respectively) ... which is pretty normal for me. I do better multi-tasking. However, after I finish what I'm doing with Journal - since it was a weekly goal on Thurs-Thurs cycle for me, and I'm not going to admit defeat to the group - I'm going to put my head down and finish.

I've been having a blast with it and enjoying the fact that my main character is a bit surly and snappish ... and dealing with an elderly villager with an overactive sense of humor. Though it's definitely an action story with an action goal, arguably the underlying thrust of the plot is the character interactions and how she comes to understand and respect him.

And for your amusement, my list of names plucked from validation strings for blog posts: Manis, Jadom, Tratio, Aingeari, Undeop, Obstdra, Nistious, Distori, Myocs, Mildiesi. At this point, I decide to stop unless I see one that's really a gem. Already, I think I've got enough for two stories, especially since some of these names probably don't belong in the same tale (unless I'm doing a mixed culture riff ... which is one of my things, so you never know).


Aubrie said...

I can't wait to read your story!

Here's my list (I've been doing my homework)
Celadon, sower, minap, palik, custions, gingesco, myogick,reese, falingu, fectorum.

Lindsey Duncan said...

Oh, very cool! Yours sound more like exotic words for objects, though a lot of them could go either way.