Saturday, November 01, 2008

WFC 2008: Day Three -- The Reading

This deserves a post all to itself.

I arrived about twenty minutes early to the Broad Universe reading room and introduced myself. I confessed I was nervous and found the readers to be lovely ladies ... and then the other people streamed in. I think, including readers, there must have been thirty to forty people - which for me was a massive crowd. I'm used to speaking for a maximum of thirty seconds and then ducking behind a five foot tall instrument.

I was fourth in, which was fortunate - gave me less time to sweat. I couldn't tell you much about the readings of the people before me, though ... everything was a blur until I got up.

I was grateful that I had my reading well on the way to memorization; it meant I could keep my face into the mic. And I do know how to keep my face into a mic, at least, from performing. Only had to stop and swallow once. Got to make a joke about possibly having the plague that made everyone laugh.

I don't think I had one of the best readings; I don't think I had one of the worst. It had half-niggled at me before, but I don't think I chose the best section for a reading - the section has intriguing information, but it's not necessarily high action or high stakes. My reading voice was pretty strong, hoarseness notwithstanding, and I tried to emphasize key words. I think it worked, because someone complimented me on the voice afterward.

(Now if only I could not put my foot in my mouth by asking someone if their reading was the whole story and finding out that yes, it was. Whoops.)

I'll know more for next time, and I think I did very well for a newbie showing. ;-)

A lot of great sections shared 'round in various tones ... what a varied and talented group of ladies. Also wonderful that so many people (so it seemed) showed up to listen against two other panels, another reading, and certainly parties.

Funny thing - one of the other readers was excerpting a story from Speculative Mystery Iconoclast. *And* I got a button for the magazine. Hee!

Tomorrow I am going to test pack, though I'm not leaving 'til Monday.

Cause seriously, I'm not sure all these books are going to FIT.

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