Monday, November 03, 2008

Queen of Pointless

I sit in Minneapolis now, my shoes almost worn through to the socks, my voice still completely gone (which makes the urge to sing "Popular" from Wicked rather awkward), waiting to shut down and board. When I arrived in Minny, I discovered that my gate was on the other end of the airport ... literally. Two thirds of the way there, assuming that there would be multiple currency exchanges, I asked at a help desk and was referred ... halfway BACK the way I had come. All this to get rid of twenty bucks CAD.

Had a decent dinner and a dessert from Caribou coffee: pumpkin cooler and a cookie. Guy at the counter asked if he could have my Kennedy silver dollar. I think I accidentally made him guilty when I said no, it was a keepsake from late grandfather's collection. (Like my two dollar bills, I carry it around because I like to have the reminder when I go digging.)

Gave the lady at the currency exchange all my Canadian pennies 'cause heck, what'm I going to do with five cents CAD?

Flight is due in at 11:59 EST. This means it'll be tomorrow by the time I get home. But wait!

... it's not tomorrow 'til you sleep, I've always said.

Must vote tomorrow.

I vote for more airline flights so we don't have four hr layovers.

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