Thursday, November 06, 2008

Flying Higher

Another day, another collection of songs. I've listened through a little under half of these and been surprised by some of my choices. Theme here is Flying High: flight, flying, weightlessness, celestial, etc.

1. I'm Gonna Fly (Amy Grant)
2. How Can Heaven Love Me (Sarah Brightman)
3. Heaven's What I Feel (Gloria Estefan)
4. Weightless (Sissel)
5. Weight of the World (Chantal Kreviazuk)
6. Why (Sarah Brightman - both these songs are from her "Fly" album, too)
7. Innocence (Kirsty MacColl)
8. In The Arms of the Milky Way (Laura Powers)
9. Dust in the Wind (Sarah Brightman)
10. The West Wind Circus (Helen Reddy - possibly one of the best ballad songs in modern music)
11. Roots and Wings (Anne Murray)
12. I Ain't Going Down (Shania Twain)
13. If You're Gonna Fly Away (Faith Hill)
14. No Angel (Dido)
15. Drops of Jupiter (Train)
16. Sign of Life (Leann Rimes)
17. She's a Butterfly (Martina McBride)
18. Higher (Gloria Estefan)

This sort of appears to be my country mix - Murray, Twain, Hill, McBridge, and "Innocence" (the entirety of Kite, the album from which it comes, in fact - more flying references!) is very country in sound. Which is funny, 'cause I don't usually think of myself as a country listener ...

For those of you not familiar with Laura Powers, it's best described as very trope-ish neo-Celtic pagan goddess fluff-music, but some of the songs are really pretty.

Surprisingly enough, I cut Enya's Carribean Blue when I went to burn this one because I didn't have quite enough time - so it's not on the list, but it was in my original mix.

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