Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Writer's Boot Camp: Week Two

(Almost) halfway there! And after I blathered in my last post, ye verily, the hat runneth over. I feel kind of guilty - it wasn't meant to be a complaint.

Script 7/9 - 10 (Musical or Western; Ray Samples, college student; Egg; "Could that be any larger?"): When hapless romantic Ray is granted a wish by his fairy godmother, he asks for his perfect girl. But it doesn't seem to work until the egg she has given him hatches a mermaid. I used two Welsh tunes -- The Earth is Becoming Green and Calon Lan -- and an Irish O'Carolan tune -- Planxty Irwin. Eight pages. I can't really see this one adapting to a story, but I do think a story in which people rhyme - and no one comments on it - would be fun. What I've learned is that I probably shouldn't be allowed to write lyrics. Some of the rhymes are worthy of a contortionist - but I sort of decided that was the point.

Script 7/11 - 12 (Fantasy; Tommy Peters, Kindergarten teacher; Suitcase; "What is that on your head?"): Karen's new kindergarten teacher turns out to be a boto, a dolphin-spirit with a blowhole on its head. When he gets involved with her mother, Karen steals an article of value to him - it's in the suitcase - to make him stay. Once his mother finds out what Tommy is, however, she gives him it back ... and he is so grateful he decides to stay. A whopping nine and a half pages, right on my upper limit. This one really needed too many scenes to make sense, and as you can see by the description, it's way more complex than it felt like when I was pitching. This one could translate into a story ... certainly I've always thought this about selkies. Sure, they run away as soon as they have their seal-skins, but you FORCED THEM TO STAY in the first place.

Script 7/13 - 14 (Silent Film (wildcard); Ignazio Del Fuego, cab driver; Knife; "That is still really sticky."): Ignazio has a problem - a bubble-gum wad in the back of his cab is starting to attack people. ... no, I'm not kidding, that's what this script is about. About five pages. For some reason, I lost a page on this one - twice - and I can't figure out why, so now I'm edgy. This doesn't have translating potential. However ... I initially thought that the wildcard would be fairly frivolous on the writing end, just a direct translation with no particular reason for it. As I started visualizing it, I had some really *neat* effects with the silence. And then I got to use a line like this: SOUND EFFECT CARD: Indescribable eldritch scream.

Drawing for today soon. Onwards!

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