Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alas, poor hat ...

I just wore out the poor 48 Hr Film Pitch hat. Specifically, ran outta characters. It was designed for practice, not my insane blitzing boot camp. I thought about allowing reuse of elements, then decided ... this was more fun. I copied over the remaining unused elements to a file, then skimmed this year's 48 Hr Project cities at random. I just borrowed their elements to create a list, which I'll roll from randomly. I've got nine scripts left after today, so I went for 9 - 10 elements (to allow me some random-roll space).

Favorite items from the ones I grabbed:

Character: Mike / Meg Jordache, papparazzi
Prop: Urn with someone's ashes in it
Dialogue: "Hold on, let me write that down."

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