Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Writer's Boot Camp: Week Three

Some repeated genres here - that only seemed to make sense.

Script 7/15-16 (Drama; Sam Simon, ballet dancer; lingerie; "It only takes one captain to command a ship."): Sam Simon, the washed-up leader of a zero-gravity ballet troupe, is in love with the captain of the ship. He tries in vain to dissuade her from flying into dangerous territory, where she is badly wounded. (... and bandaged with lingerie.) Eight and a half pages. This one might convert into a story. Why zero-g ballerinas? I had Scifi on the brain from a previous hat-draw, discarded due to a repeated element.

Script 7/17-18 (Film de Femme; Roger Less, spy; bubble gum on the bottom of a shoe; “Wash that off.”): Rachel disguises herself as Roger Less to infiltrate a high-class gentleman’s club and find out if two businessmen are plotting against her employer, the CEO of a sunglasses company. A bit over six and a half pages. Not really a potential story. But I had a dilemma when I drew this – Film de Femme (which is, by 48 Hr definition, a film with a strong female protagonist(s), not a chick flick as I initially assumed)) with a male character? The answer, after a brief pause for thought, was obvious.

Script 7/19-20 (Sci Fi; Colin Kanser, medical doctor; a broken unicycle; “Is that really something that I should not have done?”): Colin is assigned to treat the Prosopeans, a race of shapeshifting mimics who become objects – and runs afoul of their culture when he attempts to cure a “broken” individual. Eight and a half pages. Yeah, I want to do something with this. I’m taken by the idea and it was a lot of fun to write.

(This is also the point at which I discovered that Jim had WAY too much fun replenishing the hat.)

Script 7/21-22 (Historical Fiction/Period Piece (wildcard); Kim Carnies, mystic; notebook; “No dogs allowed!”): After Margaret Fox confesses that the birth of Spiritualism is a hoax, one of the mediums who falls under scrunity is Kim Carnies – who also happens to be a fraud, until the spirit of her beloved canine comes to her rescue. Almost seven pages. I would like to turn this one into a fiction piece, though I am not sure of getting the historical accuracy, so I might put it into an alternate world. When I saw the wild card and the character, the idea of using Spiritualism fell right into my brain, though I remain unsure whether Kimberly was a period name.

This particular batch seemed to be more genre to me. Might just be where my brain ended up ...

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