Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Writer's Boot Camp: Week Four

Otherwise known as the week during which, for whatever reason, I wrote excessively long scripts. Two of them were in part because I was trying to build a romantic arc in a short space - the other, I have no idea how it happened.

Script 7/23 - 24 (Romance; Joe Whittles, baseball pitcher; a crystal amulet; "Wow. You certainly know how to do that!"): A famous pitcher (he became a batter in the write by accident, but it doesn't really matter) is being hypnotized into loving a witch, until a tomboyish poetry lover walks into his life. Exactly ten pages, no room for leeway. Doubt this is story fodder, but I had fun looking up poems to use.

Script 7/25 - 26 (Spy; Martha Plympton, animator; a lazer gun; "Pardon me. I didn't mean to offend."): An injured spy ends up on the doorstep of Martha, an animator whose role is also literal - she can make her drawings come to life. Unfortunately, her created backup spy brings an enemy agent to their doorstep, and it's up to a science fiction drawing to save the day. A little over nine pages. This is a possible story; in fact, it would even work in the same setting as my novel, Flow, since I've established that certain heritages can manifest in drawing animation ...

Script 7/27 - 28 (Ghost Movie (wildcard); Burt Franklin, gospel singer; steering wheel; "You will never find enough paper towels to clean that up."): Traveling musician Burt drives over to the house where he is staying, only to find out is haunted by a frantic Cassie, who pleads with him to drive away two exorcists. When he becomes romantically attached to the ghost, however, she fades out rather than hurt him, and the exorcists congratulate him on a job well done. Nine and a half pages. Maybe, maybe not. But I had fun with some little underlying jokes with this one ...

Celtx continues to not register sometimes when I save, so I've been keeping a file backup. Anyhow, a little less than a week left and then some plans for the next boot camp ... I'm happy with how this venture turned out.

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