Friday, July 18, 2008

Introducing ...

I got a new family member today! She's an eight week old Bichon Frise puppy, and slightly cuter than unbearably so.

I've been speaking to a breeder for about two weeks, getting necessary information and checking references. She mentioned she had two seven week old puppies (early in the dialogue) and also a then-ten week old puppy that she had been intending to keep for herself until a breeder in California ran into a new "number of dogs" law and arranged to send her some extra dogs. (All three puppies were female.) My mom and I arranged to travel up to Fostoria, OH (a three hour drive) to see the older puppy and, if we were satisfied ... home she would come.

When we arrived, she had the older puppy ... and a second puppy who, it turned out, was eight weeks old and had been given to the breeder in payment for stud services. The first puppy turned out to be rambunctious and demanding, which - after seeing this behavior from Nimi from a young age - I wanted to avoid. However, the second pup (also female), a little quieter but cuddly - "needy," as the breeder put it - immediately gravitated towards us, and vice versa. It was serendipity. So she started the trip home, blissfully curling up and sleeping on the drive.

Four options had been chosen for her name - Zoe, Sofie, Phoebe and Darcy - with the idea that looking at the puppy would help the decision. Best laid plans? She didn't fit any of them. Mom and I batted around other possibilities, growing increasingly silly. Well, maybe Haley (as in the comet) would fit. It wasn't until she was home and frolicking around the living room that a search through another name-book found the perfect name: Lexi, from Lexia / Lexine -- protector of humanity. (... hee ...)

I took a few pictures on the end of my latest roll of film. I hope to get them developed and up soon!

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