Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Winter Queen

One of my fastest acceptances ever: after a little over twelve hours (submitted just after midnight last night, even!), Golden Visions accepted my story The Winter Queen for their second 2010 issue. This was my first word-tumble story, and huzzah! It now has a worthy home.


Aubrie said...

I also have a story called "The Winter Queen"!


What is a tumble down word story?

Lindsey Duncan said...

Ooh, cool coincidence. :-) (Nifty cover, too.)

A "word tumble" is my name for a story exercise I do. I come up with a list of words, scramble them, and start writing. Every hundred words, I have to fit the next word (in order) into the story.

This frequently changes in editing - it's no longer every hundred and the occasional word gets dropped. It's a great starting point for me, though.

Silver Agent said...

Ooh, congrats. That -is- good! I'll have to see it. :)

- David

Merc said...

Very nice--congrats!

Lindsey Duncan said...