Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

This post was delayed by my MP3 player. I've been listening to CDs lately to grab more songs (which is going to lead to new driving lists, huzzah), and I've just reached the point where I have more files than room on my MP3 player. Thus, loading it is a painful process of choosing individual songs that I DON'T want. So I finally got the process complete, moved it over ... and only forty percent synced. I couldn't get the process to finish and I couldn't recover my list. So I had to do it over again ... three or four times. Apparently, you have to watch it to get it to finish.

Nothing real much to say. Journal of the Dead is on hiatus. Scylla and Charybdis, the next chapter skated neatly out of my fingers and I'm working on another. I still feel like the whole project is too description heavy, but the clear, continuous picture of the setting is vital for it to hang together.

Two scenes of Shadow Play written as well, both courtroom scenes. I've discovered I rather enjoy writing these, though I'm not sure how authentic or interesting them are. The second scene in particular pumped my word count up - before it, I'd been hoping I might even finish under the 10k mark. But I'm relaxed and letting this one be what it wants to be.

Free write exercise yesterday, I wrote a beginning from the POV of Mathory Ke'Lieren - brother to Pazia of Fatecraft and Loyal Dice ...

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