Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Weatherwoman

This story just sold to Reflection's Edge! I did a revised ending at the editor's request, and I'm very happy she liked it -- the moreso because I actually liked about eighty percent of my tweaks better than the original. It didn't change the substance of the ending, just the details.

The Weatherwoman is a coming-of-age / romance story set in my meta-world of the Stewards, a group of otherwise ordinary humans who came to the Citadel of the Gods centuries before ... and found it abandoned. Rather than let people across many worlds flounder in the sudden disappearance, they took it upon themselves to fill the enormous shoes of the gods. Pillan is a new Steward - meticulous, precise, cautious - who is assigned the out-of-character role of a weather god. When he meets one of his more unusual disciples ... well, that's all I intend to say about the matter.


Aubrie said...

Congrats on your story!

Lindsey Duncan said...

Thanks! It's been a good October. ... and now I'm leaving it. Oh dear.