Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Though not the completion I had hoped for, this was a very good week for work on my novel. It looks like the manuscript will end up longer than anticipated, but still within ranges that shouldn't freak an editor out. I have a few fundamental questions about the structure that will affect my first edit, so for the first time in (my) history, I will probably be asking readers to check over a segment that I haven't edited yet.

Or I may turn chicken and flee for the hills.

I suppose ostrich would be more appropriate, if I'm going to be a bird and running. Longer legs.

Actually, I do suspect that there is a small chance the non-edited version will have fewer typos. I tend to write pretty cleanly, technically, and frequently when errors emerge is when I'm not quite careful enough with how I've revised ... or I accidentally cut two words instead of one and don't notice ...

Feeling my way through my six-sentences story. Currently leaving the provided sentences bold so I can look back and see where they are. When I paused, I had just used the second. Four to go ...

Word count for 2/10 - 2/16: 11,537

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