Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I'm surprised how productive a week this was, considering I had an obscene amount of work (professional work and domestic / admin work) on Thursday and Friday - to give you an idea, I stopped working on Friday (actually Saturday) at 1:15am - a lengthy rehearsal on Saturday; Monday and Tuesday, I was almost-couldn't-stand sick; and through it all, I've been cramming music for a Valentine's Day gig.

Sadly, the bulk of the work was not on the novel, but I finished my untitled Seven Swans retelling and knocked out my piece for the 2k story challenge - what's called an "Outside The Box" challenge. Basically, OTB starts with a round-robin challenge session, where each person offers a prompt for something that's unusual or difficult to do in fantasy, the next person takes it and offers a prompt of their own ... it initially started as a targeted challenge, where members would challenge each other to fix their weaknesses, but it evolved into a more general / informal form.

Since I started this round, I gave the first prompt - "Write a story about an aunt / niece or uncle / nephew pair in which the setting is in some way a character" - and took the last one when the alloted time for issuing challenges was up - "Write a comedy of errors in which the only actual problem is miscommunication." To ensure that everyone has time to read each other's entries, there's a 2k word limit, which for me is possibly harder than any prompt unless I am starting out to write flash ... but I managed it.

One person has already posted theirs; five more (including mine) to go. Looking forward to seeing what other folks have.

Word count for 1/27 - 2/2: 10,870

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