Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sentenced to Death

I need your help, gentle readers (and not so gentle readers), with some random elements for a short story. I am seeking five sentences, as simple or complex, sensible or peculiar, as fancy takes you. Your criteria:

1. No specific references to the modern era or modern technologies, such as fridges, cars, etc. I may end up composing an urban story, but I'd prefer not to be locked into it.
2. No proper names. If the sentence needs to refer to someone by name, use "(Name)" for that. Yeah, yeah, but I would change it anyhow. Sorry!
3. No ****ing profanity. ;-)
4. One sentence. Not two sentences. Not a paragraph. You can stretch this a little with a line of dialogue, but don't go hog-wild.
5. A willingness to let me use the sentence verbatim in a story which may eventually be submitted for publication.

My rules for usage:

1. Pronouns may be changed freely, depending on if I decide to write in first or third person. Otherwise, sentences may not be altered whatsoever (except in case of typo).
2. Sentences may be used in any order.

3. If for some crazy reason I end up with more than five, I'll choose five randomly. The others are optional to include. (Or might become another exercise ...)

Anyone who wants to see the end result, drop your email in your reply. And thanks in advance for giving my lazy brain a jolt!


Lindsey Wilson said...

In the sprit of the age, she gave away her possessions in simple lots that included her son, then went to face death in the desert.

Daniel Ausema said...

After so many days without, days when no scent or odor of any kind reached her, the sudden explosion of smells from the city felt like a physical blow, forcing her backward.

Lindsey Duncan said...

You guys rock! :-)

Aubrie said...

Her destiny rolled out before her and she dived right in.

Congrats on your gig! :)

Lindsey Duncan said...

Thanks and ... thanks. ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey, first time reader, really like what I'm seeing here on your blog so I thought I'd give this a shot:

A restless thing lived inside that cave; she could hear it, faintly, mulling about, a sound like sharpened bone scraping against the volcanic rock.

Lindsey Duncan said...

Welcome, Diego! Groovy sentence - will add it.