Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Like My Brain

I just attended a cooking class (more on that on the other blog) and picked up one of my small collection of spiral notebooks to take notes in. I flipped it open during the class and discovered:

Notes from the World Fantasy Convention in Austin, Texas.
Insanely bad doodling. A lot of it.
Notes from my SHSA (Scottish Harp Society of America) judging certification course.
The basic outline for Mind In Mind - I still remember that the names were generated from signs and license plates on the way to-or-back from Connecticut.
A dawn of history to modern era timeline - the setting was intended to be for a collection of stories. I'm afraid to look at it in detail, as I am absolutely sure I won't be able to recall what some of it meant ...
A GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System) 4th Edition character sheet I wrote during Ohio's encounter with Hurricane Ike, when I was without power (... okay, without *electricity*) for two days.
Emotion exercises from Ann Hood's book Creating Character Emotion, ditto.
Tempo notations for a Harpers' Robin set list.
Story sparkers and tidbits - sometimes on their own, sometimes interspersed randomly in the middle of other portions of the notebook. Basically, I dropped whatever I was doing to jot down fragments.

The best analogy for this hapless mess? This is a pretty good example of what the inside of my head looks like.


Unknown said...

Very interesting...it's amazing what you can find flipping through old notebooks, it's almost like time travel. I have a stack in one of my drawers back from high school...I shudder to think what'd I find inside those covers.

Lindsey Duncan said...

Dare you look?

I don't like handwriting, so I do it only when circumstances require, for instance courses and classes ... so the content of my notebooks span years and random events.