Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Completed the synopsis - and, of course, it's way too long. I would say I've written shorter stories, but I've published micro fiction, so that really isn't saying much. Already gone back through it once to glean a few unnecessary turns of phrase, but I can see I need to pull back on the level of detail. That's always difficult: so much seems important to me, if not for the direct plotline, then for characters and motivations. I get concerned if characters aren't fleshed out enough in the synopsis, their role in the finale appears convenient - even though it's well supported in the book.

Still dithering as to whether to enter the contest I mentioned a few entries back. Got a rough sketch for the story, but it now seems so pedestrian to me. Whether this is actual or I'm in a funk: to be determined. Possibly, I may simply decide it's not up to me and let the world decide.

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Aubrie said...

I still think you should enter! :)