Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I am pondering writing a story for Gypsy Shadow's next writing prompt contest. I usually don't write for prompts as I have a backlog of stories to submit of literally years - all right, I think it's two years, but still. However, this one caught my eye and I have some interesting ideas floating around, so we'll see how I feel once I finish my multiple minds, one body story. If not, the plan is to finish free writes through the end of 2009 and then sort through my most recent boot camp attempts, pick one, and turn it into a full-fledged tale. Well, even if I do enter the contest, that's still my plan, just with an intervening step.

Other steps planned: synopses and query letter for Journal of the Dead (as mentioned), and then, @ August 2010, print Scylla and Charybdis for initial read. I am just going to sit down and plough through it without trying to make any notes or do any editing, get an overall feel for the book. I am headed to visit my parents in Baltimore in August, so I may wait to read it for that trip. Of course, I am not Pratchett.

(My airline travel tradition has always been to read a Pratchett novel, which is why there's a review for "Making Money" from yesterday. I started it Thurs when I left and finally finished.)

Goal for sometime between now and August: write up my plot snippet and pros / cons lists for next writing projects. I have five or six ideas for where I'd like to go next, and it comes to a wrangle between things that I think are more unusual / saleable and the massive rewrite project which has been eating my head for months.

Months? How do I have any brainpower left, you ask?

I have a big head.


Cherie Reich said...

Good luck with your projects!! I'm considering Gypsy Shadow Publishing's writing prompt too, but I have several other short stories I need to write first. There really is too much to write and too little time to do it.

Aubrie said...

You should definitely do it! I'll read it for you before you send it in if you needa beta reader.

You'd blow their socks off. :) hehe

Lindsey Duncan said...

Isn't that the truth! So many stories, so little time ...

I may take you up on that, Aubrie, if I go for it.