Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

The less said about the last twenty-four hours, the better.

Onwards to writing!

Sizing up what I hope will be my final pass through Journal of the Dead, I've decided - since I'm not having to deal with other people in my space thinking I'm crazy - that I'm going to try reading it out loud.

This means Rhiane will acquire a rather inappropriate (to the story, that is) high-class, Renaissance-period English accent.

I don't know if I can blame it on my old RenFest encounters or not, but this has always been my instinctive read-aloud voice for first person.

Finally got through what probably is the most actiony sequence of Scylla and Charybdis. It's one of those scenes that would probably be a brief page or two if the protagonists were trained fighters - with my pair, it's longer, harder and (I hope) scarier. It was a surprisingly fast write and difficult by turns ... I find that I instinctively type faster when my characters are in danger (this is faintly ridiculous), but there were a lot of logistics that I had to stop and consciously work out. I am glad to have it behind me. On the downhill run!


Angie said...

Hi. I just stopped by from Aubrie's blog. I write sci-fi and fantasy as well. Good luck with your projects. They sound fun.

Lindsey Duncan said...

I'm gonna need luck. ;-) Pleased to meet you!

Aubrie said...

I gave you an award at my blog :)

Lindsey Duncan said...

Too cool! 'cept ... will I get in trouble if I don't pass it along to as many as seven? I don't think I know enough bloggers who don't already have one. ;-)