Monday, March 15, 2010

Life and Death

For those who have been noticing my music posts ... no one's obligated to reply. I just kind of like to ping them out there. As mentioned in comments, these are the mixes I stick in my car for driving. Sometimes you can tell the relevance to the theme from the song title. Other times, it's more buried. Pardon my blather. ;-)

I don't really think this title (Life and Death) requires any explanation.

1. So Spricht das Laben -- Medieval Babes
Comments: This is translated from German (I think) about life and death arguing over who owns the world and why.
2. Believe -- Cher
3. Goodbye, My Friend - Linda Ronstadt
4. She's Not There -- Zombies
Comments: I have no concrete proof this song is about death, but it sure sounds like it.
5. Long Way Down -- Laura Powers
6. Curious Thing -- Amy Grant
7. Isobel -- Dido
Comments: Ditto that. I'm not sure precisely what happened to the woman in this song ...
8. The West Wind Circus -- Helen Reddy
9. How Death Comes -- Medieval Babes
10. The Egg -- 1776 soundtrack
11. How Can We See That Far -- Amy Grant
12. Who Wants To Live Forever -- Sarah Brightman vs
13. Yesterday -- Leona Lewis
14. (You're) Having My Baby - Glee soundtrack
15. Finale: Children Will Listen -- Into The Woods soundtrack
16. Sign of Life -- LeAnn Rimes
17. Immortality -- Celine Dion
18. Dear Life -- Chantal Kreviazuk
19. The Last Words You Said -- Sarah Brightman
20. Play Me Out -- Helen Reddy

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