Sunday, March 14, 2010

Knock You Out

More music! This time, all touching upon ... well ... violence, often metaphorical.

1. Knock You Out -- DJ Tiesto
2. Bust Your Windows -- Glee Cast
3. If That's What It Takes -- Celine Dion
4. Cuts Both Ways -- Gloria Estefan
5. Big Boy on a Saturday Night - Kirsty MacColl
6. The Bonny Swans -- Loreena McKennitt
7. I Like It Rough -- Lady Gaga
8. Damn -- LeAnn Rimes
9. Us Amazonians - Kirsty MacColl
10. This Time -- Celine Dion
11. Brave -- Leona Lewis
12. Can't Stop Killing You -- Kirsty MacColl
13. Bleeding Love -- Leona Lewis
14. When Sharks Attack -- Leona Naess
15. Once In A Lifetime -- Sarah Brightman
16. Fight -- Amy Grant
17. Cell Block Tango -- Chicago soundtrack
18. Happy -- Leona Lewis


Aubrie said...

I have to admit that I don't listen to pop it's hard for me to comment on these posts. Can you do a post like this for classical music? :) How about the Ibert Entracte, huh?

Lindsey Duncan said...

Hee, sorry? And these posts are the CDs I listen to while driving, so no classical music here. If I ever did one of that stripe, I'd post it, but the bubbly pop is my genre of choice for driving. Singing along, y'know.

Aubrie said...

No problemo! *sits and waits patiently for a classical music post*