Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodreads Review: Death Drop

Death Drop Death Drop by Alina Adams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Funny, outrageous, scandalous and chaotic, Adams' books are a guilty pleasure - a glimpse into the crazy side of figure-skating rendered with cutting wit and ever more bizarre soap opera turns. The characters are vividly rendered and often larger than life.

This book is breathless: in fact, after the prologue, the next eighty-some pages are part of the same extended scene, as one section of action rolls naturally into the next.

There's a good sense of continuity from previous episodes: Lian Reilly returns, Gary Gold and Lucian Pryce have cameos, and I was particularly pleased to see a bit of sexual tension that wouldn't have been appropriate in an earlier book return to torment Bex. (Though I did think that the off-handed mention of Jordan as promiscuous didn't jive with my previous memories of that character.)

The book isn't without flaws. While Bex has matured, it's taken some of the fun out of her, and I found her unusually passive throughout portions of the story, playing observer to the dramas around her. I also found that part of the conclusion wasn't properly foreshadowed and it kind of seemed like a nonsequitor when it was revealed ... but it wasn't the main thrust of the mystery, so not a big deal.

Overall, a satisfying - and very swift - read. It's amazing to me that Adams can turn out multiple books with this energy. It must be exhausting to write.

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