Sunday, February 01, 2009

Boot Camp Week 4

Words: Vacuous, wanton, yielding, acclaim, bemoan, canine, victuals.

So it's official - this is my last week on this boot camp session. More about the new session later. I decided I had better start it today as Monday tends to be a busy day for me, and I am generally not going to want to post about it then.

This was helpful, I think, and I may even pilfer some of these descriptions for actual stories. But I really did reach the point where I ran out of steam.

Best descs of the week:

With shaggy dark brown hair and a wide, anxious smile, she had a distinctly canine appearance – made stronger by the broad, flared nose. Her complexion was chocolate, roughened by sun, her hands callused; harder to see that the flat palms and long fingers were sculpted for grace. Her body was big but smooth, muscles blended into the sturdy frame and complementing robust curves. Her eyes were as black as a dog’s, and just as intent, flicking with a bright gleam towards any motion.

The kitchen might have been massive, but the low ceiling and the persistent smoke made it feel like a bear’s den – or a dragon’s. Long wooden trestle tables loomed, mountains of industry and loaded down with vegetables for the chopping, dough for the rolling, and gleaming slabs of meat. The ovens roared at the far end, demanding their tribute. Fallen crumbs were kicked under the tables or swept aside by dingy skirts, victuals for the small horde of rodents who lay in wait there.

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