Sunday, February 22, 2009

(Albion) Boot Camp Week Three

Swapped books - to Best Short Novels of 2006 - and discovered that there is an advantage to a fairly workmanlike prose style (as with my previous selection). I had to reroll several times this week when I got lines that were so specific to their story - even when I took out specific person / place names - that I couldn't pull them out of context to work with.

However, I am enjoying the new lines and possibilities. I'm pondering, at the end of this run-through, selecting one to turn into a story right away ... or near enough.

And I have discovered that this boot camp has a neat, finite end. I had thought that the Beasts of Albion was a pretty sizable deck, about the size of a Tarot deck - somewhere between sixty to seventy cards, anyhow. Instead, I just realized it's only thirty-nine, so I'll be through them in early March.

Not a bad thing. I have so many writing projects afoot that while the boot camp is nice, it's beginning to become a little distracting.

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