Friday, October 31, 2008

WFC 2008: Day Two -- Good Morning Sunshine

So although I stole the shampoo and soap from the last hotel, I do not care for this one's white ginger kick.

Anyyyyhow ...

Rise and shine! Day two is afoot and the panels are heating up.

Panel: Real Life Villains (David Morrell, Anita Siraki, Mark Van Name, Janine Young (moderator))

This was a really interesting, thoughtful discussion about constructing realistic villains and how to take inspiration from real life. I've always subscribed to the school that (with the exception of the utterly crazy) villains think they are doing the right thing - they've just dehumanized their opponents to the point that their actions are "excusable." It was definitely supported here.

Panel: Adding Mystery To Your Fiction (Sean Williams (no show), Laurel Anne Hill, Jana Oliver, Daryl Gregory (moderator))

I got some good recommendations out of this and actually purchased one of Oliver's books later. Some interesting points: to some extent, all fantasies are mysteries, where the mystery (for the reader) is, "How does the world work? A lot of good tips for masking clues and bringing out red herrings that believe me, I will keep in mind. The irony is I'm not planning to write my mystery yet ...

Though I was sitting feeling all stupidly smug as they were talking about how hard it is to write fantasy-mystery short stories. I've written five, sold three, two of which are in print (one being reprinted in the Best Of anthology I mentioned) and one of which will come out any day now, and am working on one more.

Dealer's Room: Made an idiot of myself with Oliver. Same with Patrick Swenson, trying to explain that I'd loved the issue I read of Talebones. Kinda glad I didn't introduce myself.

I am not sure I am capable of conference networking. Had a second of wondering if I'm ever going to make it if I can't approach people socially. And that sucks, because I know I have the talent. (Maybe not the discipline to beat the talent into the right form yet - I've acknowledged my editing has flaws and am working on them hard.)

Still not sure how to find or get my hands on the Abyss and Apex anthology. Know where I can find the editor tomorrow, though ...


Charlotte Cook said...

FYI ... Laurel Anne Hill's editor is a mystery writer and mystery editor.

Jana Oliver said...

Just the opposite -- Oliver did not consider you an idiot. (Like Ms. Oliver can talk on occasion. For example: a few years back I blew right past an agent who smiled and waved at me. I didn't see her because I was too vain to wear my glasses. When she mentioned I'd snubbed her I felt like a moron.)

Best way to get comfortable doing the network thing is to lather, rinse, repeat. Some days go better than others. Way better than others.

Lindsey Duncan said...

Eek! Somehow, I'm always surprised when I see that people actually read my blog ... :-) But thanks for the encouraging note, and I'm much looking forward to reading your book.